What is stored in the various Stars! game files?

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  • gamename.hst - Host file. Contains all the player and game setup info.
    Used to generate new turns.
  • gamename.xy - Universe definition file. Contains all the data about the game's universe.
    It is required by all players and the host, but stays the same throughout the game.
  • gamename.m# - Player turn file. Contains all info about the current turn info that the player has.
    This is the file a host sends to his players each turn.
  • gamename.x# - Submitted turn file. Contains the list of all commands the player gave in his turn.
    This is the file the player sends to the host each turn.
  • gamename.h# - History file. Contains previous turn info, including scanner and graph data.

  • gamename.map - Universe data text dump. Contains all planet names and locations.
  • gamename.p# / .pla - Planet info text dump. Contains player known planet info (pop, habs etc).
  • gamename.f# / .fle - Fleet info text dump. Contains player known fleet info.

  • racename.r1 - Custom race file. Contains the race stats for a custom race.
    The host requires one of these from each player before starting the game.

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