Using WINE for Stars! Darren Winsper 1999-11-02

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Stars!/WINE Compatibility list

On this page you will find a list of various versions of WINE and notes regarding how well you can play Stars! with them.

This list is not complete, but it will show the versions I have used since version 990508. If you want to add a version to the list, or think there is a correction I should make, e-mail me at

Version of WINE Notes

990508 Works well. Some scroll-bars are missing, but is generally usable
990815 Mostly unusable. A number of windows don't display correctly, notably the research window.
990923 Still unusable, but not as bad as the previous version. Still fails to display the research and ship design windows correctly.
991031 Everything works fine except for the research window.
991114 Pretty much the same as 991031.