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About Me:

I first played Stars! in the late 90's. It took so long to generate a turn on my father's P2-200Mhz that I convinced him to put a TV next to the computer. I've had a TV next to my computer ever since.

I've never once played against other people via autohost.

I lost my original disk about 4 years ago and couldn't find a new one at any store (not even used stores). I'm currently using a hacked version of 2.60jrc3 that has the key checker logic inverted so that any wrong number will make it the full version.

2.60jrc3 isn't as fun as the version I had on disk, for one a remote mining fleet can only extract 4000kt per year, so one has to have hundreds of mining fleets to get mega-minerals from a home world. Also if one abandons one's home world one doesn't get get the 30 mineral concentration bonus anymore, so only alternate reality races can milk their own home worlds.

Stuff I'd like to get done here

  • 1. Make a page about the program Mapper which I use a lot
  • 2. Upload the GIF maps I've made for the program Mapper
  • 3. Upload the hacked version of 2.60jrc3 (I call it an unlimited demo, because it will probably not work with the newer version on the Autohost)
  • 4. Start a project page for what I call Project Nova where people can bounce around ideas they would like to see in a new Stars!-like game, if anybody would like to make one.