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I got an error message about 16-bit applications when I tried to run Stars! 2.7j on Windows 7 64-bit. I was able to run it with the Windows Virtual XP though. Should I add this after Coyote's experience? Superbus 10:32, 23 June 2009 (UTC)

If you want, this is a wiki after all. Icon smile.gif Personally I wouldn't because 1) you already stated so after Coyote's post on HWF which is linked to in the article and 2) having two conflicting statements like that is more confusing than anything(not a new thing for this page) - better to figure out what's going on ie why did it work for Coyote but not you? Gible 11:15, 23 June 2009 (UTC)
PS ... Superbus ?!? Gible 11:15, 23 June 2009 (UTC)