Sample Narrow SS HP tech-thief, by Jason Cawley

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Sample Narrow SS HP tech-thief

By Jason Cawley (


Well, thought I'd share a race recent race design; something of a revision of older HP SS ideas based in part on the stuff in the "remote ramping" threads and related "HP-boosting" things. This race has not been tested yet, and in the wrong universe would get killed because of it's narrow hab. It is meant to be a race for a roomy universe where you can win through diplomacy (or at least have a fun ride :-) In addition to just giving the example race, the reason for my post is to ask the more experienced players here whether they think this sort of thing is playable. Too narrow hab to get anywhere, or no?

  • Romulans
  • SS
  • 0.53/5.12g, -88/152C, 66/96mR (1/7 overall)
  • 19% pop growth
  • 1/2500 pop efficiency; 15/8/20 factories; G box checked; 10/3/15 mines
  • Wpns, Con cheap, Bio expensive, rest normal; No start at 3 box
  • 44 points left - mineral concentrations
  • Variant - Add ARM, increase mines operated to 16, move rad to 69/99, leaves no points for min cons (a little riskier start, depending on the Gcon drawn, for better long run minerals).

Meant for standard starts, medium or bigger universe. The narrow hab makes the pop growth cheap; narrow field in rad to get that perfect on the initial greens fairly quickly. Just decent HP econ, nothing special. NAS livable with chameleons and robber barons; NRSE something of a drawback for SS, but gives points and IS-10s are useful on beamer BBs and to trek long distances in a bigger place. The "edge" of the design is tech, of course. But with the cheap con and remote mining abilities (or the ARM variant) the mineral-getting ought to be good, too. Fields moved for points, and because bad yellows aren't very useful for HPs, especially ones that can remote mine - IMO anyway. Ought to be able to fill it's available planets fairly easily.

Drawback is the weak hab - not enough to win on econ strength, certainly. But with alliances and such, as well as looking for unsettled areas and getting there quietly, might work out ok. Whether it is playable in that regard is really my question :-)

Personally, I think this sort of race would be fun to play regardless of its chances, but I'm interested in people's opinions about those.


Jason Cawley