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Written by Ken Reed, Nova started out as a simple hobby exercise in C# and .Net and has since grown into a playable game. Ships can be designed and built, planets can be explored and colonised, cargo can be moved from A-to-B, populations grow, mines generate minerals, races can be designed (although only JOAT is implemented at the moment), battles can be fought, etc.

Nova gui1.jpg

This is the main Nova main window early in a new game. As you can see it is very similar to the main Stars! screen apart from the fact that it relies on the screen area being (at least) 1024x768. The race being played is Hyper-Expansion and, indeed, at this point the race is expanding from its home planet. The race has not yet done enough research to obtain long-range scanners and only has the Bat scanner and a ship has to be in orbit to scan for ships and planet resources. This is the case for Hydrogen which has been determined to be colonised by another race. There has been a battle at Hydrogen and this race was the victor.


Nova was originally written by Ken Reed as a hobby exercise to enable him to learn C# and .Net. During this time much of his coding was done on the train to and from work.

In 2008 Ken ceased development of Nova and passed the source code to sourceforge so that others could continue. Unfortunately it wasn't until 2009 when Daniel and TheJorrus sought the keys to the project that it was discovered Ken had passed away in 2008.[1]

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