Mega Poly Shell

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Mega Poly Shell.JPG
  • Type: Armor
  • Tech: Ener 14, Cons 14, Elec 14, Bio 6
  • Cost: I=14,B=5,G=5,Res=52 Mass: 20
  • Abilities: Armor=400, Shield=100, Cloak=20%, Jam=20%, Scan=80/40

Comments: This item is incredibly powerful. It's the second strongest Armor in the game. It has the same dp as Valanium, but you get it 2 Cons levels earlier. It weighs half as much too, and we all know how important weight is in getting those Cruisers and Nubians under 300kt. Mega Poly has a shield component, so you can have the advantages of shield stacking without having to waste a slot on an actual shield. It's also has other very useful goodies, such as a decent cloak, and a 40 ly pen scanner which is great to get when you have NAS. However the best thing about it is the built in Jammer 20. This allows you to get very high jamming without having to waste Elec slots (which are better used on computers) on actual jammers. Fill one armor stack on your SB's and start with 73% jamming! This is a great thing to hold you over the big gap in Cons tech until you get Superlatanium and Jammer 30's, and even then you lose some of the advantages this gives you.