Keyboard Shortcuts

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F1 Open the Players Guide.
F2 Open the Technology Browser.
F3 First press opens the Planet Summary Report.

Second press opens your Fleet Summary Report.

Third press opens the Others Fleet Summary Report.

Fourth press opens the Battle Report.

Fifth press closes the report window.

F4 Open the Ship Design dialog.
F5 Open the Research dialog.
F6 Open the Battle Plans dialog.
F7 Open the Player Relations dialog.
F8 Open the View Race dialog.
F9 Generate a new turn, immediately.
F10 Display your score.
1-6 Change the Scanner view: Normal (1), Surface Mineral (2), Mineral Concentration (3), Planet Value (4), Population (5), No Player Info (6).
7, 8, 9, 0, SHIFT-0 Toggles these Scanner overlays: Radar Coverage (7), Mine Fields (8), Fleet Paths (9), Planet Names (0), Ship Count (SHIFT-0)
Esc Closes the displayed report.
CTRL F Find a planet or fleet in the Scanner.
+ / - The plus (+) key zooms in the Scanner. The minus (-) key zooms back out.
Up arrow Up arrow displays the previous message in the Messages pane.
Down arrow Down arrow displays the next message.
Home / End Display the first and last messages in the Messages pane.
Enter Go from the Messages pane to the related dialog or location
Backspace / Delete Deletes the selected waypoint.
p / n Displays the previous or next planet or fleet in the Command pane.
P / N Displays the previous or next planet with a starbase in the Command pane.
q Opens the Production dialog.
v Find your location in the Scanner pane.
f Displays your fleet or planet with the lowest ID number in the Command pane. If the fleet is already selected the planet is displayed, and vice versa.
, Decreases the selected fleets warp speed to the current waypoint by one.
. Increases the selected fleets warp speed to the current waypoint by one.