Guts of scrapping

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After battle, 1/3 of the mineral cost of the destroyed ships is left as salvage. If the battle took place in orbit, these minerals are deposited on the planet below.

In deep space, each type of mineral decays 10%, or 10kT per year, whichever is higher. Salvage deposited on planets does not decay.

Scrapping: (from help file)

A ship scrapped at a starbase deposits 80% of the original minerals on the planet, or 90% of the minerals and 70% of the resources if the LRT 'Ultimate Recycling' is selected.

A ship scrapped at a planet with no starbase leaves 33% of the original minerals on the planet, or 45% of the minerals and 35% of the resources if the LRT Ultimate Recycling is selected.

Wih UR the resources recovered is:

(resources the ship costs * resources on the planet)/(resources the ship cost + resources on the planet)
  • The maximum recoverable resources occurs when the cost of the scrapped ship equals the resources produced at the planet where it is scrapped.

A ship scrapped in space leaves no minerals behind.

When a ship design is deleted, all such ships vanish leaving nothing behind. (moral: scrap before you delete!)