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1 mg of fuel will move 200 kt of weight 1 LY at a fuel usage number of 100. The fuel usage numbers you can see in the players guide, under "guts, guts of engines" - it is different for each engine and each warp speed. Everything that can be different is a straight multiplying factor. So, 1 mg will move 50 kt 4 LY at a FUN of 100, etc. Also races with the Improved Fuel Efficiency trait use 85% as much fuel, or adjust the FUN to .85 * the listed number.

Some examples - a race with IFE has a fuel-mizer equipped privateer with 3 fuel pods. Total fuel is 1400 mg. The ship weighs 80 kt. With a full load of cargo, the weight rises to 330 kt. Traveling at warp 8, the FUN (in the tables) is 235. 330/200 * 2.35 * .85 is the fuel usage per LY traveled - 3.3 about. On a one way trip, the 1400 mg will thus give a range of 424 LY.

Same ship, going warp 9, with the same load, but this time you also want enough to come back at the same speed, but unloaded. Weight is 330 out, 80 back, 410 weight moved over the distance overall. FUN is 360 at warp 9. Range is 1400 mg / (410/200 * 3.6 * .85) = 223 LY.

I hope this is helpful.

Sincerely, Jason Cawley

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