Creating a Password

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Create or change a password for the current game using the Change Password command (Commands menu).

You can create a default game password using the following option in the [Misc] section of stars.ini file:


<password> is the password you wish to use. If you are sure that your opponents will not have access to your stars.ini file you can set this to your password. Whenever you open a game file that is protected by this password you will not be prompted to enter it. If DefaultPassword is not present in stars.ini, type it in under the [Misc] heading.

The stars.ini file is written into your Windows directory the first time you save a Stars! game. It doesn't exist before that time.

Don't Forget Your Password

If you forget or lose your password, there is nothing you can do to open the password-protected game. We hope you're not reading this because you've forgotten. Don't worry, empires come, empires go.


There is no valid password for AI players.

Inactive Players

There is no valid password for inactive players. When the player becomes active again, they get their old password back.