Blitz PP, by Damon Domjan

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Blitz PP

By Damon Domjan

Since I've decided to (perhaps temporarily) retire my blitz PP, here it is, for what it's worth (please note, this has gone through two one immune versions, a 1WW version, and a remote mining version so you may want to have a little fun with the race wizard ;p )

  • PRT: PP
  • Grav: 0.60->5.60, Temp: 4->156, Rad: 21->81
  • 18% growth
  • 1/1000 pop eff.
  • factories 1.1/9/16 g box
  • mines 1.0/3/17 (not as nice as I'd like, but I wanted the tech way early so...)
  • energy, weapons cheap, con normal. Does NOT start at three

Ok, this race oughta look familiar to JFeeple...and Gakl :) I remember many a fond HW nuke...but I digress. Please note, I've only used this race in blitz conditions and have no idea how it would do in a PBEM (probably not so well in a medium or larger one). The theory is rapid ramp of both colonies and tech, driving for flinger 8's or 9's as rapidly as possible before working on wartech. As soon as you have driver 8's you nuke your opponent's HW with a BIG boranium packet (probably by around year 30 at latest) then clean up with a few fleets of cruisers and mini or b-17 bombers. The tech is excellent, but the mining means that you're basically good for only a few packets and warfleets before you run out of minerals (in otherwords, if you start out with a low mineral con you may as well give up then :) Not the most powerful blitz race, but certainly fun to play in small and tiny conditions. The 1WW is especially nasty in a tiny packed :) Anyway, there it is...not exceptionally powerful, but easy to play, and more importantly, fun (for me anyway).



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