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Stars! Abbreviations

NOTE: The abbreviations below are used in the newsgroup rec.games.computer.stars, but typically not in the games themselves.


Primary racial traits (PRT)

AR - Alternate Reality

CA - Claim Adjuster

HE - Hyper-Expansion

IS - Inner-Strength

IT - Inter-stellar Traveler

JoAT - Jack of All Trades

PP - Packet Physics

PRT - Primary Racial Trait

SD - Space Demolition

SS - Super-Stealth

WM - War Monger

Lesser racial traits (LRT)

ARM - Advanced Remote Mining

BET - Bleeding Edge Technology

CE - Cheap Engines

GR - Generalized Research

IFE - Improved Fuel Efficiency

ISB - Improved Starbases

LRT - Lesser Racial Trait

LSP - Low Starting Population

MA - Mineral Alchemy

NAS - No Advanced Scanners

NRS - No RamScoop Engines (see NRSE below)

NRSE - No Ram Scoop Engines (see NRS above)

OBRM - Only Basic Remote Mining

RS - Regenerating Shields

TT - Total Terraforming

UR - Ultimate Recycling


B - Boranium

G - Germanium

I - Ironium


G - Gravity (see grav below)

grav - Gravity (see G above)

R - Radiation

T - Temperature

Ship hulls, ships based on a particular hull

...G - See "G" in technology

BB - Battleship

BC - Battlecruiser

CA - heavy cruiser / attack cruiser

CC - Cruiser

CG - cruiser with torps/missiles (see ...G above)

CL - light cruiser (uncommon)

CoH - Miniminer with OAs (Orbital Adjusters, from "Change of Heart")

DD - Destroyer

DDG - destroyer with torps/missiles (see ...G above)

DN - Dreadnaught

FF - Frigate

PVT - Privateer

Other technology (weapons, engines etc.); forms without the hyphen are also used; for instance AD-8 and AD8 are likely to mean the same

AD-8 - Alpha Drive 8

Arms - Armageddon missiles

DLL-7 - Daddy Long Legs 7

Dooms - Doomsday missiles

FM - Fuel Mizer

G - when appended to a ship hull acronym, means "with missiles". For instance, "DD" is a destroyer with guns or lasers, while "DDG" is a destroyer with missiles

IS-10 - Interspace 10

Jugs - Juggernaut missiles

LH-6 - Long Hump 6

OA - Orbital adjuster

QJ-5 - Quick Jump 5

Rad-Ram - Radiating Hydro-Ram Scoop (see RHRS below)

RHRS - Radiating Hydro-Ram Scoop (use in proper context only, see Rad-Ram above)

Race design level strategies

-f/~f/!f - Factoryless race (There are variants with extremely expensive factories.)

HG - Hyper Growth (A race - often HE - designed for population explosion, 1/1000 pop eff, average factory settings ~11/9/16 or better maybe. See QS below.)

HP - Hyper Producer (A race designed for high resources, but often slower growth, 1/2500 pop eff, 15/7/20+ facs, or thereabouts.)

HR - hyper-resource (Not often used, sometimes called Quickstarts/hybrids with HG pop off and HP fac settings. See QS, and use it preferably.)

NF - (uncommon) see -f above

QS - Quickstart (See HR above.)

Hosting, gameplay, and race wizard

AccBBS- Accelerated BBS start

AI - Artificial Intelligence (race played _exclusively_ by the computer, see "maid" below)

APs - Advantage Points (in the race wizard)

maid - player position temporarily being played by the computer

PBEM - Play-By-E-Mail

PPS - Public Player Scores

RW - Race Wizard

Other Non-standard acronyms in the Stars! newsgroup

1/2 ... - like "1/1000 11/9/16/3g 10/3/15" shows race design economy settings:

- resources produced per colonist;

- factory efficiency (resources produced per factory), factory cost (in resources), number of factories operable per 10,000 colonists, germanium cost of a factory (3 or 4);

- mine efficiency, cost and number operable.

(There are variations on how the germanium cost is shown. Sometimes instead of 3g or 4g, people use g-box or no g-box, to indicate 3 or 4, respectively.)

1/2/3... - with six numbers, like "10/16/9/12/11/7", shows the technology research levels attained by a race:

energy, weapons, propulsion, construction, electrical, biotechnology

ly - lightyear

MM - Micro Management (having to take care of lots of details each turn)

MT - Mystery Trader

tech - technology

TMND - The Monster/Menace Next Door (uncommon) (You wouldn't like him so close.)

"Standard idiom acronyms" used in the Stars! newsgroup

AFAIK - as far as I know

BTW - by the way

IIRC - if I recall correctly

IM(H)O - in my (humble/honest) opinion

IOW - in other words

ISTM - it seems to me

LOL - "laughing out loud" or "lots of laughs"

NG - newsgroup

OFC - of course

OTOH - on the other hand

RL - real life

RTFM - read the f... manual

WTF - What the f...

YMMV - your mileage may vary - implies that the reader might get a different result or reach a different conclusion