"Turn File Submission (with Eudora Lite)" by Snoop 1998 n/a

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Turn File Submission Made Easy (with Eudora Lite)

by Scoop

  • Setup
    1. Make a special game message
      • Fill in your host's address
      • Fill in the subject line according to your host's specifications if there are any - e.g. "Rumble in the Jungle .x2"
      • Attach your .x file
    2. Send the game message
    3. Save
      • Pop to New... in the Mailbox Menu and create a separate Games mailbox. Name it something original - like "Games".
      • Open the Out mailbox & click on the special game message you just sent.
      • Pop to the "Games" mailbox in the Transfer Menu. (To make sure your message was indeed transferred to the Games mailbox, open the Games mailbox. You should see it there.)

  • Automation
    You only have to do Step I once per game. After that, all you have to do is:
    1. Create your new .x file.
    2. Open the Game mailbox.
    3. Click on the appropriate game message.
    4. Pop to Send Again in the Message Menu. A duplicate message is created automatically - including the attachment address for your new .x file.
    5. Hit the Send button.
    And that's it!

  • Hosting
    You can use this same easy process for sending out the .m files for your players. My practice is to keep all the Stars game messages in the same Games mailbox, but group them by game. So, when it is time to send out all the .m files, all I have to do is:
    1. Click on the first game message in the group.
    2. Then, shift click on the last game message in the group. This highlights all the .m file messages for that game.
    3. Pop to Send Again once and duplicate messages for ALL the players are created automatically.
    4. Hit the Send button for each message created.