"Team Scouting" by Bob Crosswell 1997 v2.6/7

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Team Scouting

by: Bob Crosswell

I would like to discuss a stratagy which my enemy used very successfuly against me. It worked so well I wanted to share it. Most of us put fuel tanks on our early scouts(with fuel mizer engines) with the intent of increasing the range and speed. This works well, however because of improved scanners, these ships are soon obsolete. An alternate approach to scouting, I shall call "Team Scouting".

The idea is; your early scouts should use the fuel mizer but instead of a fuel tank, use a colonization pod. You can still maintain Warp 6 indefinatly while exploring. When a good world is discovered, the scout stays in orbit. The second part of the team then comes. A Privateer, with extra fuel tanks or extra cargo pod, but minus the colonization pod. This ship goes direct to the planet and joins with the scout to colonize. This allows more minerals and more population on early colonies. And BETTER utilizes both ship types.

This tactic may slow down your scouting effort but it greatly inproves your colonization effort. I don't use this tactic exclusively but it is another idea to keep in your bag of tricks. See you in the game.