"Smart Bombs or Cherries?" Matthias Dellaert 1997 v2.6/7

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Smart Bombs or Cherries

by: Mathias Dellaert

There has been a discussion in the Stars NewsGroup about which Bombs ( or combinations of bombs ) are the most effective. The main toppic was : "Are Smart Bombs really needed ?" Let's see for ourselfs

Types of bombs

In stars! you have 3 major types of bombs and one special, race-specific bomb ( the Retro Bomb ) These types can be described as followed :

Standard Bombs ( Lady Finger - Cherry Bomb ): These Bombs kill colonist at rates between 0.6 and 2.5 %. They also destroy mines, factories and defenses. You only need Weapons research for them. Standard Bombs have a minnimum Kill value.

LBU - Bombs ( LBU-17 - LBU-74 bomb ): These Bombs are especially designed for destroying mines, factories and defenses. They will kill very few colonists ( up to merely 0.4 % ). You need to research Weapons and Electronics for LBU-Bombs.

Smart Bombs ( smart - Annihilator Bomb ): These "Colonist Killers" have a Kill rate between 1.3 and 7.0 %. They won't destroy any planetary installations. Defenses are less effective against them. Weapons and Biotechnollogy research is required.

The Retro Bomb: is a bomb that's only available to Claim Adjuster Races. It will De-Terraforms the bombed planet up to 1%. Planetary defenses have no effect on it.


Most people's oppinion ( including mine ) is to load your bombers with LBU's and Standard Bombs ( preferable cherry's ) as the LBU's will take out defenses and Cherry's will do the rest ( including destroying even more Colonists ). The main advantage of doing this would be speed, because Smart Bombing a planet is very time consuming ( due to the same reason why achilles couldn't catch the turtle ). Using the above combination will give you the additional advantage that most defenses will be destroyed after a while, so you can complete your bombardment with an succesfull invasion. If you used Smart Bombs, you will be left with a small number of colonists on the planet ( which you can't kill as they will grow as fast as you kill them ) and a system of defenses preventing you to do an invasion without losing many colonist.

Of course, Smart Bombs also have an advantage. If you invade the planet, you gain controll over the installations which are completely intact and for you to utilise.

Someone also suggested using a combination Standard - Retro bomb if you have the CA treat.


In my modest opinion, you are in most cases better of using the LBU - Standard combination allthough you should use Smart bombs for planets with high value ( habitabillity ) and I high enemy population.

Mathias Dellaert