"Colonization Strategies" by Various Authors 1997 v2.6/7

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Colonization Strategies

by: Various Authors

> Damon Domjan wrote:

> >

> > I usally use 4 privateers with fuel pods merged with one scout with a colony pod personally...my theory is to throw 100,000 people at a world, let it sit and spin for 15 years, and get an industrial center.


> I have the following colonization strategy:


> I try not to use the standard colonizer, instead I try to invent the large freighter hull before my home planet reaches the 25-33% inhabition level. Yes, the large freighter costs a lot of of Germanium, but that doesn't matter to much because in that time I have enough Germanium in my home planet and so I don't have to send of a special Germanium transport to my new born colony.


> I only use the Privateers as transporters between planets.


> Greetings,

> Patrick

Gakle wrote:

I'm lazy as hell and use privateers only to reduce having to even think about micromanagement.  :) This tends to work for testbeds and blitzes well. I might try to use a more optimized aproach w/ a scout to hold the colonizer pod in a pbem.

Use IFE and NRSE (to counterbalance cost) and research to privateer as soon as possible. 2 tanks shields and pods and fuel mizer. Build 20 at a time. split to fleets of 5. Send off a fleet with roughly one ship full of germ, the rest with colonists. This plops down 100k colonists and 250k germ (roughly). This gets the lots of people far away, real fast. It also gives them lots of starting minerals to work with. Jumpstarts the planet quickly--you can throw up a star dock in a couple years usually.

Send em and forget em,

Comments by Todd Rogers

I tend to agree with Gakl. I like to use the privateer for the majority of my colonization, however if I have extra ship design slots and a planet with lots of people I like the large freighter. The problem with the large freighter is that it takes a big chunk out of your produciton ability on that planet for a several years. I find that unless I'm IT and can gate my colonists that I usually don't have a planet with a large enough population to justify a large freighter close enough to a planet to want to sacrifice that much production for that many years. Also if I've got plenty of Ger. and (again) an extra ship design slot, I sometimes build medium freighter colonizers to give the colony an extra Ger. jumpstart. But once again my standby is the privateer.