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Stars automated micromanagement is an AutoHotKey program that simluates keystrokes mouse clicks to automate setting production queues.

"Download and unzip the file. Open a Stars game, open your planet summary report, click on the name of the planet you want to begin on. Run the autoproduction.exe file. It will automatically open the production queue window for that planet and prompt you with what you want to build.

After you approve the data you entered in the first three input boxes, it will auto build that for you. Then you can go back to review the results, either by clicking on the previous button, or closing the window and viewing on your planet summary report.

I also added error trapping on the input boxes. So if you click on cancel on the first three input boxes it will abort the mission and exit.

After you get to last message box to review your orders, either approve and click on yes, or click on no to abort the entire process.

If you did lots of stuff you don't want to keep in this test, or messed up, then exit the game without saving to undo everything you added while testing. No harm done.

Note that after the production is built, it stays in the production queue window, and goes to the next planet on the list. So you can click on previous button to review all of the planets you built items on, and edit any if you wish."