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(I haven't included the explanation of how the formula was derived; if you're interested, go to deja news and look up "re: Race wizard - Hab studies" by Bill Butler, 1998/04/10)

The full equation is:


Where g,t,and r (standing for gravity, temperature, and radiation) are given by Clicks_from_center/Total_clicks_from_center_to_edge

and where x,y, and z are

x=g-1/2 for g>1/2       x=0 for g<1/2
y=t-1/2 for t>1/2       y=0 for t<1/2
z=r-1/2 for r>1/2       z=0 for r<1/2

The farther habs are from center, the less accurate the result of this equation will be. However, the errors are small, so the predicted answer will always be within a percentage or two of the actual value.

Thanks to Bill Butler for the mathematical wizardry.