"Viable Bi-Immune non HE race" by Jai Shaw 1997 2.6/7

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Viable Bi-Immune non HE race

By Jai Shaw (Jai@VINRtowersoft.com.au)

Finally got Stars! on friday, I have been following this news group for three months now and playing the demo to death :)..

Last week there were a lot of posts conserning a Bi-Immune race so I decided over the weekend to see if I could make a good one.

Ok Bi-Immunity cost lots but it gives some pretty big advantages too, like alot of 100% or very high value worlds which means each of you worlds will get heaps of resources ( no measly 10% worlds with only 200 factories ) and all most of your worlds will grow at max growth rate.

Any way this is what I ended up with -

  • Race Name - who wants to know :)
  • PRT - IS
  • Left over points on Surface Minerals ( 6 points )
  • Hab - Grav Immune, Temp Immune, rad 15mr/35mr for a total of 1 in 5 to eventually 1 in 2
  • Growth - 15%
  • Econ:
    • 1 in 2500 pop
    • Factories - 11/9/20
    • G box not checked
    • Mines - 11/3/21
  • Tec: All expensive except weapons which was cheep with all at three box checked.

I didn't up the growth because with all those 100% worlds it would sour above everyone else once it gets pretty good on a few worlds, IS helped with this. I choose OBRM and NAS cause I needed the points but not at the expence of econ. Remember this is one of my very first race designes and I have never played IS before.

Ok so I tested it in a real ( AI ) game with settings of - small, normal desity against one expert SS race.

It started really slow ( slower than I expected ) but ramped up pretty quick -

  • 2415 - 485 res.
  • 2420 - 1k
  • 2430 - 2k
  • 2435 - 4k ( built some warships to defend against enemy attacks, lost a few freighters to unseen SS destroyers )
  • 2440 - 7k, 2 Star Bases
  • 2445 - 10k ( realised I wouldn't get 25k by 2450 :)... )
  • 2450 - 15k, 5 Star Bases
  • 2454 - Jihads
  • 2455 - 20k, Cruisers
  • 2459 - 26k ( reached over 25k nine years late but isn't this fairly normal for HP design? )
  • 2460 - 27k
  • 2461 - Juggernaut Missile
  • 2465 - 32k, Battle Ships.

Ok not bad would have done better with more agressive scouting and better IS playing style ( when should you start building a massive freighter fleet to max all you worlds? ). Also would have done heaps better in denser universe. I found my self swimming in Colonist in the 20's - 30's with no planets to put them on. After playing this race I have founds some points I would change.

Note I had 23 planets in total which I would have maxed in 20 or so years to give a total res output of ( 2.8k per planet ) 60k ( not bad for small/normal ), 10% of my planets had a less than 100% max terraforming ability.

The new race ( untested )

  • PRT - IS
  • Left over points on Surface Minerals ( 0 points )
  • Hab - Grav Immune, Temp Immune, rad 15mr/35mr for a total of 1 in 5 to eventually 1 in 2
  • Growth - 15%
    • 1 in 2500 pop
    • Factories - 11/8/23
    • G box IS checked
    • Mines - 10/3/16
  • Tec: Con + wep normal rest Expensive, Start at 3 box NOT checked

Stratergy is slightly different to the one I used earlier where I ended up with dady longlegs medium freighters :( and couldn't move my pop or any thing else for that matter very fast or far. I would go for con 4 asap which gives Privateer and Fuel ship ( IS con 4 mini Super fuel Export ) this should give me enough fuel to push those quick jump 5 engins to warp 7 - 9 with little trouble.

Note: IS gets speed trap at bio 2 I think which is very usefull for early defence.

P.S. This race would do well in large or huge universes with normal to packed density and will do better in even more games with the revision of the Fuel Miser.

Hope this helps anyone wishing to try out a HP Bi-Immune non HE race ( thats a mouth full ).

Jai Shaw ( Now all I have to do is play in a real ( human ) game, wish me luck cause I'm sure my military stratergies ain't as good as my race design. )

Hope this makes up for the last three months of info I have gleaned of this NG...