"Some Anti-AI Strategies" by Jeff Briner 1997 v2.6/7

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Some Anti-AI Strategies by: Jeff Briner

(not tested against human opponents)

  • Mine Layer/Sweeper - can cut thru enemy minefields and lay mines too.
  • Build on destroyer hull
  • Best engine and armor
  • Overthruster
  • Energy capacitor
  • 1 mine layer slot
  • 2 best beam weapons (for sweeping)
  • Work in packs of 10-20
  • Set waypoints 3-5 years apart
  • Set task to LAY MINES 2 to 3 year duration (repeat orders)
  • Turn 'em loose among enemy planets and cause havoc with enemy shipping. A large pack will have quite good defensive firepower, and the overthruster comes in handy when attacked.


  • Send 2-4 minibombers with cherries to vacant planets
  • Escort with frigates/destroyers (set battleplan to sniper)
  • When AI shows up with colony ship, the shooters get first crack at them.
  • If the AI lands on the planet, the bombers go to work.
  • This type of fleet is also handy as a roaming force among several vacant planets. Set the vacant planet as the waypoint.
  • If they chance upon an occupied planet the bombers start bombing. When that happens step in and postpone their next waypoint until they retuce the planet to uninhabited.


  • Include some minelayers in the bombing fleet. Set the waypoint task to LAY MINES indeffinitely. Since the bombers will bomb occupied planets without any other specific orders, the mines get laid during the bombing raid. Depending on how many minelayers you have, a minefield goes up to intercept any enemy ships rushing to the rescue of the attacked planet. Also handy once you occupy the planet to help guard against counter invasion.

BOMB and COLONIZE Strategy

  • Have your bombers carry LBU and cherry bombs. You will reduce the enemy population to zero. Carry transports and colony ships loaded with colonists along with the bombers and escort ships. Split off 1 colony ship and colonize the newly uninhabited planet. Then "beam down" additional colonists to build up population. If the planet was occupied very long, the surface mineral content may be quite high. Load minerals as needed and ship back to your other planets to build more goodies.

Jeff Briner