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Not just a list of things to do, but also things we're doing(or trying to do) and how we're trying to do them.

Icon thumbsup.gif We've started this

Icon thumbdown.gif Someone should start this

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Article Library

  • Categorize articles.Icon thumbsup.gif
  • import Stars! FAQ article database into Stars!wiki article library Icon smile.gif

Wanted Content

the plan for Strategy+Players' Guides (+helpfile)

Blend them both into the wiki. Icon thumbdown.gif Use categories to identify their pages (if they existed) but update away. Icon thumbsup.gif Present a landing page for each guide. This is kind of what we've done instinctively for Stars! FAQ. Icon thumbsup.gif Work pages:

Stars!wiki Structure/organisation

Entry mechanisms Icon thumbdown.gif

Provide entry mechanisms into every section (major or otherwise).

Structure mechanisms

Categories Icon thumbsup.gif

Generally categorise pages by topic, subtopic, type and "section"
  • Including uploaded images icons? logos? screen shots? Icon thumbdown.gif

"Sections"/Major categoriesIcon thumbsup.gif

Individual Pages may be in multiple "sections" eg Super Stealth
  • Stars! FAQ
    Pages that are answers to FAQs
  • Stars! Player's Guide
    Pages that are directly part of the Helpfile/Players Guide (and its additional/support pages) - Containing black and white fact/how to type stuff
  • Stars! Strategy Guide
    Pages that are part of the Strategy Guide and its additional/support pages - similar to PG but also includes advice and debatable information.
  • Guts
    Pages or (mostly) raw data - infomation overload pages.
  • Category:Articles
    Pages in the Article Library - because these are a record, these are exclusive to this section, but should still be generally categorised.
  • Nova
    If they move in - position(section size really) uncertain.. eventually, [Category:Original Stars!]?
  • Community (not actual category)
    Pages that are about the Stars! community rather than the game (utils, people, map, websites, clones etc)
  • Stars! meta (not actual category - yet?)
    Pages about Stars! as a product, game, concept, art, history etc
  • Stars!wiki meta
    Stars!wiki:About etc
  • other?

Stars! Supernova


  • make the things to do list more constructive/ and prettyIcon thumbsup.gif