Tech Trade by Scrapping

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The guts behind how and why scrapping works found in Guts of tech trading.

For practical purposes, these are the things to remember:

  1. You must scrap at a starbase belonging to the person receiving the tech.
  2. It makes no difference if your ally scraps the ships at your starbase, or if he transfers the ships to you, and you scrap them.
  3. Remember: scrapping is a waypoint zero task only; you cannot scrap the same turn the ship moves.(see sec 3.1, 'order of events in a turn')
  4. To gain tech in a given field from scrapping, the scrapped ship must contain an item requiring a higher tech level in that field the receiving player possesses.
  5. The odds of gaining tech from scrapping depend on the number of fleets scrapped, not the number of ships. Scrapping a fleet of 5 ships has the same effect as scrapping a fleet of 1 ship. Split the 5 ships into 5 fleets, then scrap, and the chance of transfer goes way up.

Below is a small table showing the likelihood of tech transfer per fleet scrapped in a single turn, assuming the ship scrapped contains superior tech in one field.

fleets scrapped     chance of transfer
              1                    25%
              2                    44%
              3                    58%
              4                    68%
              5                    76%
              6                    82%
              7                    87%