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There aren't many yet. But you may wish to "watch" the policies talk page and stay abreast of policy discussions as they happen. Or just watch this page and keep informed of policy changes.


Article Library

Do not edit these articles except structurally(how they are presented). If you wish to modify or rewrite any of these texts please create a separate article elsewhere in Stars!wiki, not in the Article Library.


    1. Where appropriate, list your article in a category(or two...) Its a only a link at the bottom of the page per category. See here for the how-to specifics.
    2. Suggested categories are listed at Stars!wiki:Categories.


This is a wiki organisational concept, essentially its the prefix for wikilinks eg(Stars!wiki,Special,Help) Most articles are listed in the default namespace (Main) and don't require a prefix. They are used to differentiate the purpose of the contained articles. eg the Stars!wiki namespace is for articles about Stars!wiki itself. Pending someone learning to create and effectively use custom namespaces, some may become available. Hoped for namespaces are listed at Stars!wiki:Namespaces


By virtue of the fact that I created it, Stars!wiki is not a democracy, but instead a benevolent dictatorship. Edit nicely people ;)