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Stars! FAQ was created and designed by James McGuigan to replace both the Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQ (created by Dave Johnston) and the rgcs FAQ (also created by James). It was planned to be a single web resource that contained and collated all the known technical information about Stars! that had been found over the years(rather like this wiki really).

It was one of James' idle plans to turn the FAQ into a wiki site and I have permission from James to copy all the information and articles from the FAQ into this wiki. Feel free to help Icon smile.gif


The following was originally the contents of the Stars! Advanced and Technical FAQ as it appears on the Stars! FAQ website.

  1. Purpose
  2. Useful Links
  3. Questions & Answers
    1. The basics:
      1. How can I join a new email games?
      2. How do I play by Email?
      3. What other FAQ's are available?
      4. How do I host a game?
      5. Where else can I go to get answers to my Stars! questions?
      6. Where can I find a glossary of Stars! terms?
      7. What are the meanings of all those Stars! abbreviations?
      8. Where can I get a copy of the game?
      9. Will Stars run on my OS?
    2. What is the exact order of events when turns are generated?
    3. How many and how dense are the stars in various universe setups?
    4. What are the basics of pop management?
    5. What is Chaff, and how is it used?
    6. Regarding the Mystery Trader...?
    7. Am I crazy, or is the help file / manual wrong?
    8. What downloads are available for use with Stars!
    9. What is 'Supernova' and what do we know about it?
    10. What are the PRT's of the Computer Players?
    11. How do I get Netscape to handle my Stars files?
    12. How the heck do you people manage to get over 25,000 resources by 2450?
    13. About the game files
      1. What about the various patches and versions?
      2. What is stored in the various Stars! game files?
      3. What command line options are available?
      4. *.def - Game Definition Files
      5. Tell me about stars.ini
  4. Guts! The equations behind the game
    1. Guts of bombing
      1. Defenses
      2. Normal Bombs
      3. Smart Bombs
      4. Heterogeneous (mixed) attacks
    2. Guts of tech trading
      1. how do I set up a wolf/sheep site?
      2. how do I set up invasions?
      3. how do I gain tech from scrapping?
    3. Guts of research costs
    4. Guts of scrapping/recycling/salvage
    5. Guts of fuel generation
      1. Guts of fuel usage
    6. Guts of Overgating
    7. Guts of beam deflectors
    8. Guts of Cloaking
      1. Maximum overcloakers
    9. Guts of Minefields,
      1. Guts of minefields and sweeping
      2. Analysis of best speed in minefields
      3. crash sweeping
    10. Guts of population growth
      1. Overpopulation
    11. Guts of ground combat
    12. Guts of Planet Values
    13. Guts of Mineral Packets
    14. Guts of 'Score' Calculation
    15. Guts of the Battle Engine
      1. Guts of targeting in battle
      2. Order in which Battleship weapons slots fire
  5. Population Tables
    1. Standard (max. pop 1,000,000 on 100% planet)
    2. Standard with OBRM (max. Pop 1,100,000 on 100% planet)
    3. JOAT (max. pop 1,200,000 on 100% planet)
    4. JOAT with OBRM (max. pop 1,320,000 on 100% planet)
  6. Additional info from the FAQ
    1. Known Bugs
    2. Copy Protection Features
    3. In-game "features" / "cheats"