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Stars! may be played as either a single or multi-player game. Single players are matched against one or more AIs (computer players) while multi-player games pit 2 or more human players against each other and any combination of AIs. Up to 16 human players and AIs can play in the same game.

In a single player game, the computer acts as host, generating a new year for the universe after each turn is submitted. In multi-player games, a human player or non-player acts as host, collecting orders from all human players, generating the new year and then sending that information back to the players.

Multi-player games may be played by "hot seating" on one computer, over a network, or, if the host is at a remote site, by transferring files using a modem, FTP or E-mail.

Single Player Setup

Playing the Tutorial

Setting Up a Single Player Game


Setting and Viewing Winning Conditions

Tuning Stars! to Your Display Resolution

Playing with a Custom Race

Saving Your Game

Replaying a Previous Turn

Options for Launching Stars!

Exiting Stars! for the First Time

Exiting Stars! to Erase Changes

Multi-Player Setup

Hosting a Multi-Player Game

Hosting Hot Seat Games

Hosting Network Games

Hosting Modem and Email Games

Hosting Games on Stars! AutoHost

Managing Games on Stars! AutoHost

What Each Player Needs to Do

Being Absent from Play

Creating a Password

Creating a Universe from the Command Line

In a multi-player game, designate one person as the host. This person is in charge of generating turns and generally administering the game. A player can also act as host. The following steps apply whether the game is played on a single machine, over a network, by modem, email or a bulletin board service (BBS).

Finding Multi-Player Games on the Internet

If you want to join a multi-player game, or start your own, but can't find other players, visit either Home World Forum (English) or Forum Stars! (Polski) or Usenet Newsgroup:, Yahoo Group: starsgameplayers or Internet Relay Chat(IRC): ##Stars! on IRC (or via Stars!wiki)