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Alphabetical listing of Stars! related websites. See also:

Online Sites | Archived Sites | Offline Sites

Utilities or Category:Player Websites for organisational listings.

Category:Websites for a list of related websites that have wiki articles.

SNG:Websites for Supernova related sites.

Clones for Stars! Clones sites.

Online Sites

Italicised sites have been dormant for a long time (this doesn't mean they're not relevant).

Deutsch (German)


ForceUser's site including some articles, a mentor database and FreeStars pics.
A growing player site with some good articles, links and downloads.
Player/Host Page.
Personal hompage. Includes some utils.
Also Stars! Overall Planet Habitability and Race Econ Calculator & M.A.Stars' Stars! Trip and Fuel Usage Calculator & Stars! Packet Travel Calculator
not a website per se. Of particular interest: the complete lists of factory and mine configurations (and output) sorted by RW point cost.
Also contains archival mirrors of:
also not a website. Some v2.6i downloads.
also not a website. Some technical articles and a modded exe to fix the friendly fire bug.
Player/Host pages. Good advice and stories.
Files manipulation utilities and technical information.
Truly abandoned now, the entry page says the site is closed for overhaul. This link is to the main page.
Sourceforge project for developing Stars! utilities. Home of mSplit and Map2XY.
Player/Host Page.
Files, Forum and the only game hosting site afaik - Start here.
Fabulous site, if only it wasn't years out-of-date
Your best source of technical & strategic information.(very slightly out-of-date)
Utility for graphically showing how games evole strategically.

Francais (French)

Polski (Polish)

contains mirrors of:
Polish and Engish website.
Polish and English website for the Geneticus Stars! Mod.

Русский (Russian)

Includes numerous articles in Russian

Español (Spanish)

Archived Sites


These site are no longer available :(

If you're lucky, you may find them at the internet archive.

Stars! Tech Manual has good tips and reference info. (requires flash)
also some links, articles and utils.