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Alphabetical listing of Stars! related websites. For organisational listings see Utilities or Category:Player Websites.

See Category:Websites for a list of related website that have wiki articles.

Player site with some good articles and links
Player/Host Page.
Good tips and reference info. requires flash
Player/Host Page.
Player/Host Page.
Russian site, includes numerous articles in english
Home of the Territories utility
Polish site
Player/Host Page.
Player/Host Page.
Files, Forum and the only game hosting site afaik - Start here.
Your best source of technical & strategic information.(very slightly out-of-date)
Utility for graphically showing how games evole strategically.
For posting new games
Player/Host Page.
Polish site, includes an english version.
ForceUser's site including some articles, a mentor database and FreeStars pics.
Fabulous site, if only it wasn't years out-of-date
Yahoo Group for discussing the internal workings of stars and producing tools/mods for the game.
Player/Host Page.

Old sites

These site are no longer availble :(