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The latest and current version is 2.6JRC4. It is largely compatible with 2.6JRC3 and 2.7JRC3, however upgrading is recommended. There are no patches to do this, simply download the updated executable and save it over your existing stars.exe.

Other available versions

Version 1.1a

While the layout and appearance will be immediately recognisable to all players, and the game concepts are the same; this version is so old that it is practically a different game. Differences include:

  • NO PRTS vs LRTS - instead a single list of racial traits - no CA ^_^
  • Fuel is a mineral resource that requires mining(and has and affective weight)
  • You can destroy your own installations(factories/mines/defenses)
  • Starbases are a single queueable item and are not editable
  • No diplomacy settings
  • No minefields

2.6 vs 2.7

Versions 2.0-2.6i

Versions 2.6j and RC1/2

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