Multi-Cargo Pod

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Multi Cargo Pod.PNG
  • Type: Mechanical
  • Tech: Ener 5, Cons 11, Elec 5
  • Cost: I=10,no b,G=2,Res=20 Mass: 9
  • Abilities: Armor=50, Cloak=10%, Cargo=250

Comments: The Multi Cargo Pod adds a lot of storage capacity to whatever ship. Each one of these is 2.5 Super Cargo Pods or a free Privateer. With a few of these you can easily make a Galleon have more capacity than two Large Freighters (or make a Nubian be more than seven Large Freighters.  :) This may help in shuttling the massive minerals your massive mining fleets generate. However, I usually don't care to use up a valuable ship slot, and I'll just built twice the number of Freighters if I have any heavy duty transportation needs. Note that this is the only Mechanical or non-Armor or Shield item that adds dp. So if you say wanted to make the toughest Destroyer possible, put one of these in the Mech slot, and you'll not only be tougher, you'll be able to scoop up some of the minerals of the ships you snipe (no, I'm not recommending that as a ship design. :) Note this is also a Mech item like the Jump Gate, where Mech is the only item category to have two MT toys for it.