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A lesser racial trait, Improved Fuel Efficiency reduce the fuel consumption of all ships by 15%, increase the starting propulsion technology by 1 and grant access to two new extremely fuel efficient engines: the fuel mizer and the galaxy scoop.

Generaly seen as one of the most usefull LRT available, improved fuel efficiency is often choosen by players solely for the fuel mizer, considered as the most efficient and the most usefull "all around" engine in the whole game for its incredible early game fuel efficiency and its very low cost. It is also considerably lighter than any other free speed engines available, making it a great engine when designing gatable ships. Because of its incredibly low cost in comparison to all the other scoops in the game, as well as the other advantages given above, the fuel mizer is often used through the whole game for any ship which don't need an increase in battle speed or sustain a very high warp speed for an extended period of time.

Because of the need of fast warp 10 capable engines in fast and short games, many players are fond of the IFE and NRSE combo. The access to all ramscoop engines short of the fuel mizer is then sacrificied for access to the first avaible warp-10 engine in the game: the interspace-10. Because of the incredible versatility of the fuel mizer, many players do not consider the ban of the other ramscoop engines to be a real liability and thus enjoy the points the NRSE LRT give out as a way to balance the cost of IFE.

  • The base cost of IFE is 78 points.
  • The base cost of the IFE and NRSE combo is -1 points.
Fuel Mizer.jpg
Galaxy Scoop.jpg


  • All engines consume 15% less fuel.
  • Propulsion tech start out one level higher at the start of the game
  • Exclusive engines

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