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A hull is the basic and most important component of a ship or starbase design.

The only tech required to use advanced hulls is Construction and ironium is the most common mineral used in their production. Some PRTs and LRTs are barred from using certain hulls while some others enable the use of unique models.

A hull's vital statistics include:

Hull type determines the number and types of components which can be mounted on it. Most slots specify the maximum number of components that can be placed in them (all items in one slot must be identical) and can be even left empty, with the exception of the engine slot, which always requires a full complement of engines.

Some hulls sport "General Purpose" slots where any component can be mounted, except engines, mining robots, bombs and orbitals. (Anything I missed? --Misza)

For example, the Large Freighter hull:

  • requires exactly two engines
  • can mount up to two shields or armor items, but all must be of the same type - you can't even put two different shields in there
  • can mount up to two scanners, electrical or mechanical components - again, all (if any) must be of the same type
  • in addition, it has a cargo space of 1200kT (which can be augmented through the use of a Cargo Pod

Hulls by class

The following is a classification of all hull types, as specified by the Stars! Technical Reference Guide.

Colonizer hulls

Contrary to some newbies' belief, these are not the only hulls that can have a colonizer module mounted - any Mechanical (or General Purpose) slot can accommodate them. No Cons technology is required to build these.

Bomber hulls

Scout hulls

All hulls of this type, while owned by a JOAT race, have a built-in scanner.

Warship hulls

Freighter hulls

Hulls of this class require a substantial amount of germanium to build. The SS can use their Cargo Cloak only on this hull class.

Armed Freighter hulls

Hulls from this class have a low germanium but high ironium cost (as compared to regular freighters).

  • Privateer - Cons 4; initiative 3; 250kT base cargo
  • Rogue - Cons 8; initiative 4; 500kT base cargo; SS only
  • Galleon - Cons 11; initiative 4; 1000kT base cargo
  • Meta Morph - Cons 10; initiative 2; 300kT base cargo; HE only; all slots are GP; often used by the MT

Mine Layer hulls

Ships of this class can only be built by a SD race. Doubles the efficiency of all mine layers on board. (Is this retained after fleet is transferred to non-SD player? --Misza) Yes, it is.

Fuel Tanker hulls

Ships of this class manufacture fuel each year and add a bonus to repair rate of ships in the same fleet.

  • Fuel Transport - Cons 4; 750mg fuel cap; 200mg fuel per year; heal rate +5%
  • Super-Fuel Xport - Cons 7; 2250mg fuel cap; 200mg fuel per year; heal rate +10%

Remote Miner hulls

This is the only ship class that can have mining robots mounted on them.

Starbase hulls

Only starbase hulls can sport Orbital modules. Some can build ships, depending on the space dock capacity. Starbases are also of special significance to AR races, as the type of hull in orbit determines the maximum population capacity of that planet. However, taking down such a starbase kills the entire population.

Hull types in Stars!
Colonizer Mini-Colony Ship · Colony Ship
Bomber Mini Bomber · B-17 Bomber · Stealth Bomber · B-52 Bomber
Scout Scout · Frigate · Destroyer
Warship Cruiser · Battle Cruiser · Battleship · Dreadnought · Nubian
Freighter Small Freighter · Medium Freighter · Large Freighter · Super Freighter
Armed Freighter Privateer · Rogue · Galleon · Meta Morph
Mine Layer Mini Mine Layer · Super Mine Layer
Fuel Tanker Fuel Transport · Super-Fuel Xport
Remote Miner Midget Miner · Mini Miner · Miner · Maxi Miner · Ultra Miner
Starbase Orbital fort · Space Dock · Space Station · Ultra Station · Death Star