Ground Combat

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Ground Combat occurs when one or more players unload population from frieghters to a colonised planet of a different player or when two players simultaneously attempt to colonise the same planet. Diplomacy settings have no effect at all. Any form of starbase (even an empty fort) will prevent invasion with the message [fleet name] has tried to beam colonists down to [planet name], but the planet's starbase would kill them all before they land. The bridge crew rescinds the order. This message also (errorneously) occurs when using the Quick Drop zip order to unload minerals at other players' planets with starbases.

  • Planetary Defenses kill up to 75% of invaders.
  • Attacker gets 10% bonus
  • WM get an additional 50% bonus (65% total)
  • IS get a 100% defense bonus (Yes, they get a 2:1 advantage, IS defend better than WM attack)

See guts of ground combat for the calculations.