Enigma Pulsar

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Enigma Pulsar.PNG
  • Type: Engine
  • Tech: Ener 7, Prop 13, Cons 5, Elec 9
  • Cost without miniaturization: I12 B15 G11 R40
  • Cost at max. tech: I6 B7 G5 R19
  • Mass: 20
  • Abilities: Cloak=10%, +1/8 Movement

This Mystery Trader part is one of the best engines in the game, as it can reach Warp 10, acts as a Warp 5 ramscoop, and - most importantly - gives the equivalent of half a Maneuvering Jet without taking up a device slot (it's an engine). Eighths are rounded up by the Stars! engine, so this is effectively a free Maneuvering Jet for most ships, a free Overthruster for the Super Freighter, Battleship, Galleon, B-52 Bomber, Maxi-Miner, Super Mine Layer, Nubian and Meta-Morph, and three free Maneuvering Jets for the Dreadnought. Races with NRSE especially like this engine, as it's almost strictly better than the Interspace-10.