What You Need to Play

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Introduction and Support Topics

Here's the minimum (and maximum!) software and hardware you'll need to play Stars!

Operating System: Any version of Microsoft Windows between 3.x up to 32 bit XP or 32bit Vista.

Higher versions of Windows or alternative operating systems will need to use an emulator.

Memory requirement: 4 Mbytes RAM. 8 Mbytes is preferred.
Disk space requirement: 6 Mbytes for program and help files.
Video display: Color displays only, 256 colors recommended.

The higher the resolution the better: use

1024 x 768 (or higher!) if possible.

800 x 600 is the minimum resolution allowing all tiles to be opened. Still very playable.

640 x 480 is playable but cramped: you'll need to close and open tiles as needed.