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The Radiating Hydro RamScoop is the first ramscoop available to races without access to the Fuel Mizer (IFE) or the Settlers Delight (HE).

Requires: Energy 2 Propulsion 6

Weighs 10 Costs 8I, 3B, 2G, 9r

Fuel usage: +10,+40,+90,+96,+75,+36(W6 is fastest free speed),165,375,600,720

Unfortunately the RHRS generates waves of radiation which can adversely affect colonists in the same fleet. Note the engine doesn't have to be on the colonists ship, just in the same fleet. Note that an RHRS on one fleet will not affect colonists following the same path in another fleet.

RHRS losses depend on the optimum rad (center) for your race. 85 being the reference point.

- DeathRate/Year % = int ((86 - C)/2)
- where C is the center of your Rad-Hab-Range (mR) 

Some examples: Rad center 20 lose 33% Rad center 30 lose 28% Rad center 50 lose 18% Rad center 65 lose 10% Rad center 75 lose 5% Rad center 80 lose 3%

Naively it looks like a 20% IS (==>10% freighter growth) should have no losses (and no Growth) with C = 65mR. However, deaths occur before IS growth so you'll not quite grow enough replacements (100 -die-> 90 -grow-> 99).

Notes: http://starsautohost.org/sahforum2/index.php?t=msg&goto=5130&rid=1560&srch=rhrs+kill#msg_5130